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Sydney Metropolitan & Basin

Greater Sydney Landcare Network
Sydney, NSW
Australia 2000
Ph: (02) 4724 2147


Greater Sydney Landcare Network
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(02) 4724 2147

NSW Waterwatch - other regions.

If you don't have a contact locally, for support please email or call


Samantha - 0402 223 373 or 4349 4757, or

Ingrid - 0405 761 593

Waterwatch support

  • NSW Waterwatch is supported through a range of partnerships through local, regional and state government agencies and non-government organisations. These partnerships enhance the involvement of local people in monitoring local projects and activities that may directly or indirectly, impact on water quality and catchment health. However, levels of support for NSW Waterwatch do vary across NSW.

  • 'Streamwatch is included in the NSW Waterwatch and delivered by the Australian Museum for the Sydney metropolitan & basin areas.'

  • Links with the scientific community ensure that the methods used by Waterwatch participants are suitable, accurate and reliable.

  • NSW Waterwatch representatives are part of the national Waterwatch Australia Network. This network promotes the sharing of tools and resources to enhance community involvement in Waterwatch as a citizen science program. Each Australian State supports Waterwatch slightly differently.